Guided walking tours are offered every Tuesday and Friday by the guide Anni Hörschläger (contact: +43 699/12162308)

You can find an overview about possibilities of walking tours in Upper Austria under www.wandern.at

Hopfensteig klein
This circular route which is about 5 kilometres long and passes hop fields and provides an incredible view at the diversified hilly landscape of the Mühlviertel. This route is with little challenges easy to accomplish. By the end of August until middle of September you can watch the hop harvest.

Hopfensteig groß
This similar constructed 12 kilometres walking tour demands certain endurance from the hikers. It starts at the hop fields and ends in the idyllic “Pesenbachtal”. On the way you can enjoy the traditional landscape on several beautiful rest stops.

This 5 kilometres long walking tour provides everything. From relaxed walking to the great experience walking along the stream as well as the sporty challenge on a short climb. 10 stations offer you the possibility to knightly exercises , competitions, fun and games. Historical backgrounds can be asked for in several taverns.

The fairy tale walking tour nearby in the neighbour community Neufelden is a family-friendly circular tour. Affectionately carved fairy tale figures seam the tour. They fascinate young and old.

On this 2.3 kilometres long circular tour you can experience the Mühlviertel bare footed. Besides the benefit for your health the different stations as for example the partner swing, a labyrinth or a giant hammock provide  a unforgettable, sensual enjoyment.

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