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The following All-In's we are offering

"Bieriges Mühlviertel Kulinarisch"

Hop, water and malt - with these traditional ingredients beer is brewed in the „Mühlviertel". The golden beer is inseparable connected to the culinary of the granite land.
You can visit the breweries in Stift Schlägl (Wednesday 2 p.m.) or in Hofstetten (Friday 10:30 a.m.)

3 course beer meal, original Mühlviertler beer soup with roasted bread, beer Schnitzel (chicken stuffed with bacon, sheep cheese and spinach baked in beer dough), beeramisu.


You can also visit one of our hop farmers nearby and enjoy an original "Bauernjause."


- guided "Erkennenswanderung" on the bare foot path and hop path

- guided Nordic walking tour


All-In Prices:

2 overnight stays: € 141,00
3 overnight stays: € 165,00

"Ich schenk dir was!" 

Romantic togetherness in the middle of the mystic landscape of the "Mühlviertel."


- 1 mystical surprising candle light dinner in front of the open chimney including fabulous dishes and wine

- Welcoming present in the room

- 1 romantic horse drawn carriage tour

- The enjoyment of our original "Mühlviertler Haybath"

- A guided hiking tour
- A guided Nordic walking tour


All-In Price:

3 overnight stays: € 168,00

"Das Mühlviertel tut gut! - Tu dir was Gutes"

Explore the beautiful hilly landscape of the „Mühlviertel". You can energize your body and soul.


Ruhe und absolute Stille finden, Energie spüren in der beschaulichen Landschaft des geheimnisvollen Mühlviertels (ausgewiesene Kraftwege und Kraftplätze) Eine „merk“-würdige Landschaft aus riesigen Granitsteinen, Wäldern, Hügeln, Bächen, Äcker und Wiesen. Erleben Sie diese Landschaft mit einem regionalen Führer


- 1 trial lesson with a well educated meditation coach Qugong or
- 1 relaxing massage
- 1 visit to the original "Mühlviertler Hay bath"
- 1 healthy "Schlemmermenü"
- 1 original hop-pillow as a souvenir
- Guided hiking tour
- Guided Nordic walking tour

All-in prices:

3 overnight stays: € 175,00
5 overnight stays: € 225,00

"Winteridyll Mühlviertlerisch"

Walking in the snow, enjoying the refreshing air and beautiful surroundings - the right time for having a traditional "Jause" and a throat warming cup of "Glühmost."


- Guided idyllic winter fairy tale tour with snow shoes
- Social curling with "Glühmost"
- Cross-country skiing on one of the most beautiful slopes of the "Mühlviertel"
- 1 visit to a brewery
- 1 romantic horse drawn carriage tour